At Burgers, we care passionately about the region that we live in and wish to see it prosper and remain beautiful for our children to live & work in. Our aim is to restore those connections between the land around our town so that collectively we take care of the farmland which feeds us and provides us with clean, freshwater and space to breath. We believe that locally grown food should be available for local people, of a quality which is kind to the land and good for our health too, and at a price which is fair to both the producer and consumer. We believe that Fair Trade should begin at home.

We source the meat for from local farmers within a 50km zone of Timaru, farms like Springfield Farms (Owned and run by Marks Father) and based on Craigmore Valley Road. We wish to source as much of our meat as possible direct from the farmer, not from meat companies, so that the rewards for growing that meat goes directly back to the farmer, and so that we have traceability and accountability from farm gate to your table.

Our aim is to also make this superb local food available and accessible to everyone, so that top quality regional food is able to be sourced by our best restaurants and by private customers. To this end we will have set up an online shop with direct delivery or pick-up in and around Timaru.

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